• Casey Farlow, MPH, RDN

Supplements for Sugar Cravings

Updated: Apr 5

In this video we'll talk about 6 supplements I use with my clients to help them reduce sugar cravings. They fall into 3 categories: Blood sugar balance, gut healing, and emotional health. Of course, supplementing for sugar cravings should only come after making the right lifestyle changes! Otherwise, you're probably wasting your time, money, and energy. Who wants that?

Please Note: I don't talk about dosage recommendations in this video because everyone is unique and should be working with a healthcare provider to identify their proper supplement regimen and dosages.

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0:26​ Make sure you get lifestyle factors right before you start supplementing

0:50​ 3 ways supplements reduce sugar cravings

3:23​ Dosages of supplements are individual - work with your HCP!

3:53​ Chromium (blood sugar balance)

4:15​ Berberine (blood sugar balance)

5:01​ Gymnema Sylvestre (blood sugar balance)

5:56​ L-glutamine (gut healing)

6:10​ High quality probiotic - Visbiome or Microbiome Labs Mega Spore (gut healing)

7:40​ Amino Acids - l-tyrosine and 5HTP (emotional health / binge eating control)

DISCLAIMER: This is not meant to substitute for individual medical advice. The recommendations in this video are for educational purposes only. Please check with your healthcare providers before starting any new supplement or lifestyle change.

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