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Why I Pivoted My Virtual Nutrition Practice

Apologies for the whiplash, everyone.

Many of you have been in my nutrition orbit long enough to notice there have been a few big shifts around here recently.

Today I wanted to share with you why I've put "Theory Health" and "The Brain Dietitian" to rest in order to focus all of my attention on helping busy, badass women balance their hormones.

But first, an invitation...

If you're a busy, badass woman who's sticking with me through this shift (thank you!!), I want to hear from you.

I've started a brand new YouTube channel dedicated to helping you balance your hormones, lose weight, lift anxiety, and find freedom from fad diets.

I want to make videos you find incredibly useful, so..

If we sat down to have coffee together, what questions would you ask me about balancing your hormones and losing weight?

Share them in the comments below, or shoot them to me in a DM on Instagram @hormone.weightloss.

I'll grab those questions and start cranking out videos just for you in the coming weeks!

Okay.. now onto the juicy deets..

"What happened to 'Theory Health' & 'The Brain Dietitian'?

My functional medicine nutrition practice was born as "Theory Health".

I wanted to help everyone with everything. (Sound familiar?)

As I practiced, I started to realize that there was a dire need for education when it came to the connection between what people ate and how their brain was functioning.

This was the first time I decided to pivot. I would focus purely on helping clients optimize their Brain-Gut connection as "The Brain Dietitian".

I helped people lift their anxiety, improve their mood, lighten the burden of depression, clear brain fog, and even lessen the severity of their Parkinson's symptoms.

It was incredibly satisfying to help so many clear such heavy, life-altering symptoms.

I especially loved helping one group of people in particular: Women.

I saw so much of myself reflected in their stories. I've struggled myself with brain fog, fatigue, gut issues, and anxiety, just to name a few.

I've walked the path of trying to get my hormones back in order (which, surprise, also has to do with the health of your gut and brain!) and come out the other side with more energy, focus, and passion for life.

I also felt the urge to stop seeing these women only in the 1-on-1 setting because something told me bringing them together with other women in their shoes would only improve their healing and success.

After my first Healthy Hormone group program was complete, I knew this new model was what I had to pursue.

Women shared with me that their life was changed because of the knowledge and accountability they found in our group.

This is why today I am focusing completely on helping women balance their hormones in a small-group program setting.

I'm able to give focus and guidance to each member of the group according to their individual needs, and the tribe comes in with heaps of love, support, and accountability.

I know it's been a topsy-turvy ride.

Thanks for hanging in and sticking around. I appreciate all of your support!

If you're ready to move forward with me into the land of healthy hormones, let me know with a 🙌 in the comments below!

Casey Farlow, Hormone Dietitian - YouTube Channel

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